Donna Knispel

Ein Künstler:innenbild mit Donna Knispel. Photo Credits: Donna Knispel

For more than 20 years, Donna Knispel moves around widely in the electronic periphery. Her turntables rotate through dynamic soundscapes, built in clear line – from the floor to the floor

For several years, the Unkul e.V, the Symbiostic Kollektiv and Tresor (Globus) were Knipselchens homebase in Berlin. An invitation to “Pillenrealität” (congress for irrational competences, 2016-2019) at IFZ led her to move to Leipzig. The FLINTA* collective “No Show” she became part of opened up new horizons and perspectives. Other mixers and consoles also have nice buttons: sound and lighting technology in clubs have reignited her passion.