Eyad & Atanaum

Ein Künstler:innenbild mit Eyad & Atanaum. Photo Credits: [@romy_baby_fuchs](https://instagram.com/romy_baby_fuchs?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==)

A wide spectrum of fast ravy sounds and hard acid techno amplifies Eyad‘s tonality. Syrian born and raised and now Berlin based, he believes in the congeniality and energy that materializes when people come together in music and wants to convey and deliver this with his sets - hard and fast for togetherness and excess.

Atanaum grew up in Berlin‘s techno madness and draws his inspiration and creativity from the vibrant scene of his hometown. His driving sound is influenced by hardstyle and trance of the 90s and finds its best expression in modern rave and hard techno music. He recently released his first track on @waxxarecords and @parallel.label.