An artist's picture showing GOŚCIŃSKA. Photo Credits: [@helenamajewska](https://instagram.com/helenamajewska?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)

She cultivated her passion for electronic music in the hometown of Warsaw. After moving to Spain in 2016, she converted from a raver to a DJ the moment she started missing the harder face of music in the area she lived. Berlin, the current home-base, invited her to explore different styles and genres, to go outside of the comfort zone.

The ever-evolving music interests and love for rhythmic variety brought GOŚCIŃSKA to delve into various styles that she blends in her sets. Melting moody electro with groovy techno; breakbeat with 4x4 rhythms or smashing a techno set spiced up with acid, breaks, punk, D’n’B is what you can expect.

Crafting her performances around the concept of the event, the location and the time slot is what she pays careful attention to. High empathy and crowd connection is what makes GOŚCIŃSKA a versatile DJ full of revelations.

GOŚCIŃSKA is currently hosting a radio show on the London Aaja Music radio under the szlag project @szlag.my.pitch.up, where she invites prominent electronic music artists to show their non-club music selection they never get to play in clubs, all the while promoting promising newcomers.

Working on the program and organization of her brainchild @sfora_art is what she does when not behind the decks.