Ein Künstler:innenbild mit Pauline. Mim Schneider [@m.i.m.s.k.i.](

Pauline (she/her) is an independent workshop leader on  diversity-sensitive topics and hosts the interactive feminist radio show VomensBar digital (@vomensbar). Pauline’s intersectional understanding of forms of discrimination encourages workshop participants to self-reflect on and continuously question forms of violence and discrimination. Her thematic focus is political gender theory and practice, queer theory, and the enormous issue of group-based hostility.

At Blade 2023, Pauline will invite us to a common check-in in festival mode. Blade positions itself as feminist, antiracist, antisexist, antiableist, against fatphobia and any other forms of group-based misanthropy. Along this point of departure, we will collectively think what it takes to create a safer space.