Deviants is an installation of a photoseries from tranarchy graffiti which has been drawn wrong, in a sense, but in another sense celebrates the ‘wrongness’ of gender deviance.

Angelo Karle is a photographer and visual artist based in glasgow and leipzig. his work explores topics of transmutation, violence, masculinity, and the natural. angelo primarily works in the dakroom. his first publication is ‘the first word you see describes who you are’.



This installation invites you to take a deep breath and connect your senses to the natural world. Little plants grow on organic textiles, rooting through the material and becoming part of it, creating a space of kindness. Close your eyes, gently feel the plants, and experience their natural textures.

Antonia is a textile artist and designer interested in exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Through the seamless symbiosis of plants and textiles, as well as the incorporation of technological elements, her work encourages reflections on the role of nature in society and human relationships with it.


Social Currents is a sensory system that seeks to make sense of human connections on a larger scale by displaying people’s digital twins and removing their agency. Over the span of hours, the installation attempts to build a social graph by detecting bodies and connecting them with each other.

Felix Renken is a video and visual artist based in Berlin. His work involves cyber-physical systems that interact with and manipulate environmental stimuli. Underlying concepts include digital representationalism, systems science, and the question of how complex patterns emerge from seemingly fundamental sets of rules.

Justyna Jakóbowska

Postcards from Femininity Postcards from Me

What would be your personal message to the world? This is about feeling safer in our own bodies, with our thoughts as they are, being honest, authentic, funny, and expressing ourselves. What do you feel? You are invited to co-create the installation through your personal messages.

„I like being a woman…but I don’t have to do it all the time.“


Justsyna Jakóbowska expresses herself in the media of drawing, painting, installation, art action, and intervention. In her art, she focuses on little and insignificant things, so common that almost invisible  (everyday objects, forgotten places), on people or spaces that are forgotten, excluded, their voice is suppressed. Justyna believes in the power of interactive art.


Noam is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary creator. Her work is inspired by the wonders of nature, creatures, and poetry. She explores visual art through making insect sculptures from recycled materials.

By reflecting different stages and cycles of the earth, her work invites us to deepen our roots to nature.
“May all of us see the necessity of practicing responsibility for our existence on this earth again.”


NOIBAU is an architecture, design, and carpentry collective that explores, designs, and builds spaces and objects on an equal footing. In collaborations, we share our experiences, seek exchange, and continue to learn.

We believe that societal values, production methods, and resource utilization must change. Through our projects, collective structure, and material choices, we aim to be an active part of our sustainable aspiration.



The installation reveals its predatory side to devour patriarchy once and for all. Transparent jaws are ready to bite toxic heteronormative asses

Rac00niara is a Warsaw Mermaid from the Vistula River. She works with space, costumes and creates sculptures inspired by the dark side of nature. She is also a body activist, primarily through the Vinted app, empowering women to embrace their own bodies and fighting against sexual violence.

rocheuse collective

Recovering (with) bodywater

Material: analogue b/w film, natron, vitamin c, bodywater This analogue b/w photo series exploring excessive bodies that themselves become part of the experimental development process: their image takes shapes through their own liquids. When do bodies flow into each other and where do they leave themselves behind? What do they tell us about norms, the transgression of boundaries and queer-feminist photo practice?

rocheuse collective

is a collaboration between vanessa and marie. Together they work on a queer-feminist photo practice, thinkings of fluidity and forms of excess. Their work has been shown in FLUT_Magazin für gegenwärtige Erotik @flutmagazin.


Sonyamoria is a documentary and adult filmmaker, VJ, ecofeminist and pleasure activist.
Her erotic documentary film “Endless Pleasure” is currently on the festival circuit.

Her VJ shows are an adoration of nature: organic shapes in vibrant digital form, visual exploration of embodiment, eros, and interconnectedness.