Carotin & ELOISA

Carotin & ELOISA found their love in fast-paced and energetic tunes.

While Carotin is shaping the Dresden techno scene as co-founder of @glitzerglanz3000, ELOISA is a member of the Chemnitz based @subohm.xci and @reiz_kollektiv.

For BLADE, they will join forces to provide an uplifting mixture of driving Hard Dance, playful Trance and vocal-heavy Hard Techno, that pushes your euphoria (and stepcounter) to new highs.


Music Producer, DJ and event organiser, Elninodiablo is the co-founder and resident of Berlin queer community, @lunchboxcandy.

DJing for 25 years +, his sound encompasses a plethora of life experiences into a sound that is genre-boundless steering away from stereotypes and industry standards, always shape-shifting and evolving, bringing a sense of community, connection and intimacy on the dance-floor.


AISHA hails from Glasgow and has established herself at the forefront of Scotland’s dense underground scene with her heavyweight productions and energy soaked sets.

AISHA’s sound is ‘trippy euphoria’ – taking you on a trip through pumping psychedelic techno and trance. Rolling basslines, fast BPM’s and soaring melodies are present throughout her sets.

When AISHA is playing, prepare to sweat.


2727 cultivates a sound that’s unapologetically punk. With breakbeat rhythms and techno grooves, their music channels the anti-system ethos that birthed the genre, infusing each set with positive energy and an indomitable spirit of fun.

2727 remains dedicated to the underground: Staying true, staying punk, staying clown. On the dance floor, it’s not just about the music—it’s about keeping the rebellion alive.


WSX is a Leipzig based @sanity.lpz resident DJ who discovered the electronic music scene 5 years ago in Halle and moved to Leipzig shortly after.

From raw Schranz to Psy-Trance, his sets are fast-paced, energetic and never limited to one specific sound.

DJ Tonic

DJ Tonic is a Leipzig based DJ. Her sets combine her love of Hip Hop and trashy 2000s Pop with an affinity for House music that is fast and fun.

Her track selection blends together anything from Ghetto Tech, to Liquid House to Hard Groove sounds and is designed to keep the crowd dancing.


Researchers identified a rather strange insect species in the dense underbrush of Leipzig county: HOMOSOM XY

By rubbing its butt cheeks together, it produces trashy n trancy noise patterns that are highly danceable.

The peculiar creature has been classified as dangerous due to the entertaining nature of its booty-sounds, which can cause severe ecstasy and heat on the dance floor.


kiko is a Leipzig-based DJ who has made it her mission to make all the cute babes on the dancefloor shake their booties.

Her music selection spans from breakbeat and ghetto tech to energetic trance, featuring cheeky vocals paired with bouncy basslines.

Gina Demarchi

Gina Demarchi started with music production 5 years ago. Her sets are merging different styles between groove, hard groove, tribal, hiphop and dub techno.

Her sounds come with a lot of rhythm and sensuality.

Gina Demarchi is represented by @yam_agency and resident @ballsbaile.

DJ Ferrari

DJ Ferrari expresses a fast paced, running wild and impeccable style. With Trance, Hardgroove and Neorave, she fuels the crowd, always ready to take different genre routes.

Hop on the dancefloor and let Leipzig based DJ Ferrari take you away with harddriving and groovy-bouncy horsepower beyond speed limits.

DJ Ferrari hosts @bpm_attack and is part of @vir.go_leipzig.

Indigo Plateaux

Indigo Plateaux brings a unique blend of black queer culture to the Berlin techno and house scene.

Hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey, Indigo’s sets are a celebration of liberation and self-expression, channeling the energy of queer nightlife into electrifying performances that captivate audiences and ignite dance floors.

Through their music and activism, they strive to create spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and free to be themselves.


Røttnmeier is a DJ from Leipzig who has won over audiences with her dark, driving techno in various clubs in and outside the city in recent years.

She is a member of both the @exlepaeng_ and @proyeckt_qrach and is also a resident at the infamous @distillery_leipzig.

For her sets, it is important to her to always provide variety and surprises despite her focus on hard techno.


Sanaz will be the one to send your tastebuds on a journey to unexpected twists & turns:

The live sets of Tehran-born and Berlin-based Sanaz are an ever-pushing firework of sexy drums, euphoric melodies, and cheesy vocals, which combined might even create a new house sub-genre: Let’s call it bootylicious!

As a member of THF Community Radio @thfradio, Sanaz also hosts a monthly show.


G:ERROR [none/they] is a Leipzig-based DJ, driven by underground Hardtek and Tekno sounds. 160 +++

Mixing fun and playful trakks with hard basslines and jumping kikks. They founded the Plattform ultrakore @ultrrrrakore to represent unknown music and people – for more variety in the scene.


Sanguinica is a Berlin-based DJ and resident for Bottom Topixxx. Debuting at Tresor in 2023 and playing numerous gigs at RSO, she musically focuses on clean but intense technoid sounds whilst keeping a fast-paced driving energy and offering trippy glimpses of other electronic and psy genres within her sets.

Sanguinica creates a dance floor that is about experiencing emotions together, about being able to let go and get lost.


Danusch is a German-Palestinian DJ based in Tübingen. Whenever you’re looking for a melodic trancy techno set, you’ve found it with her.

Danusch’s fast-paced sound consists of a mix of driving groove, techno and trance. Her passion for music creates a unique atmosphere on the dance floor and keeps the crowd invested. Danusch is part of @fak_tue collective.

ACSID & Plateau Bitch

ACSID & Plateau Bitch are a queer newcomer dj duo based in Leipzig. With their driving and euphoric sound they offer you an electrifying high energy mix of trance, uplifting (hard)techno, ghetto tech, breakbeat and latinxcore.

Get ready to unleash your wild side because this power duo invites you to lovingly celebrate the beauty of diversity together.


E2NMN embarked on her journey as a DJ and producer four years ago. Shortly after she moved to Berlin, she started playing in raves and co-founded Warum nicht? Kollektiv. @warumnicht_kollektiv

In her DJ sets she presents progressive mixes that blend diverse grooves and powerful synths, always with an emotional touch that immerses you in the music, not only making you dance but evoking a profound connection.


MAR crafts soundscapes filled with sometimes hypnotic driving sound, sometimes hard-groove, sometimes bouncy grooves - but always with nuanced energy and a versatile, well curated track selection.

Despite her young age, she is already deeply rooted in the electronic music scene:
MAR is a resident DJ at, curates her own events and is regularly standing behind the decks.


Dornika is a genrefluid Iranian-American artist, activist, producer, and icon in Berlin’s vibrant underground queer scene.

Rocking fierce looks and powerful messages of resilience that shine through her art, Dornika fearlessly pushes boundaries, carving out her unique path, and empowering listeners to break free from societal norms surrounding gender, race, sex, and beauty.

Cara Elizabeth

Cara Elizabeth is a Berlin based DJ. Her style is characterized by her love for playing hard yet melodic beats. Whether it’s Neo-Rave, Hard Techno, or Trance, her sets are designed to keep the crowd on their feet and engaged.

Cara Elizabeth is part of @fhainest and resident at