Justyna Jakóbowska

An artist's picture showing Justyna Jakóbowska.

Postcards from Femininity Postcards from Me

What would be your personal message to the world? This is about feeling safer in our own bodies, with our thoughts as they are, being honest, authentic, funny, and expressing ourselves. What do you feel? You are invited to co-create the installation through your personal messages.

„I like being a woman…but I don’t have to do it all the time.“


Justsyna Jakóbowska expresses herself in the media of drawing, painting, installation, art action, and intervention. In her art, she focuses on little and insignificant things, so common that almost invisible  (everyday objects, forgotten places), on people or spaces that are forgotten, excluded, their voice is suppressed. Justyna believes in the power of interactive art.