Carotin & ELOISA

Carotin & ELOISA found their love in fast-paced and energetic tunes.

While Carotin is shaping the Dresden techno scene as co-founder of @glitzerglanz3000, ELOISA is a member of the Chemnitz based @subohm.xci and @reiz_kollektiv.

For BLADE, they will join forces to provide an uplifting mixture of driving Hard Dance, playful Trance and vocal-heavy Hard Techno, that pushes your euphoria (and stepcounter) to new highs.


Music Producer, DJ and event organiser, Elninodiablo is the co-founder and resident of Berlin queer community, @lunchboxcandy.

DJing for 25 years +, his sound encompasses a plethora of life experiences into a sound that is genre-boundless steering away from stereotypes and industry standards, always shape-shifting and evolving, bringing a sense of community, connection and intimacy on the dance-floor.


AISHA hails from Glasgow and has established herself at the forefront of Scotland’s dense underground scene with her heavyweight productions and energy soaked sets.

AISHA’s sound is ‘trippy euphoria’ – taking you on a trip through pumping psychedelic techno and trance. Rolling basslines, fast BPM’s and soaring melodies are present throughout her sets.

When AISHA is playing, prepare to sweat.


2727 cultivates a sound that’s unapologetically punk. With breakbeat rhythms and techno grooves, their music channels the anti-system ethos that birthed the genre, infusing each set with positive energy and an indomitable spirit of fun.

2727 remains dedicated to the underground: Staying true, staying punk, staying clown. On the dance floor, it’s not just about the music—it’s about keeping the rebellion alive.


WSX is a Leipzig based @sanity.lpz resident DJ who discovered the electronic music scene 5 years ago in Halle and moved to Leipzig shortly after.

From raw Schranz to Psy-Trance, his sets are fast-paced, energetic and never limited to one specific sound.

DJ Tonic

DJ Tonic is a Leipzig based DJ. Her sets combine her love of Hip Hop and trashy 2000s Pop with an affinity for House music that is fast and fun.

Her track selection blends together anything from Ghetto Tech, to Liquid House to Hard Groove sounds and is designed to keep the crowd dancing.


Researchers identified a rather strange insect species in the dense underbrush of Leipzig county: HOMOSOM XY

By rubbing its butt cheeks together, it produces trashy n trancy noise patterns that are highly danceable.

The peculiar creature has been classified as dangerous due to the entertaining nature of its booty-sounds, which can cause severe ecstasy and heat on the dance floor.


kiko is a Leipzig-based DJ who has made it her mission to make all the cute babes on the dancefloor shake their booties.

Her music selection spans from breakbeat and ghetto tech to energetic trance, featuring cheeky vocals paired with bouncy basslines.

Gina Demarchi

Gina Demarchi started with music production 5 years ago. Her sets are merging different styles between groove, hard groove, tribal, hiphop and dub techno.

Her sounds come with a lot of rhythm and sensuality.

Gina Demarchi is represented by @yam_agency and resident @ballsbaile.

DJ Ferrari

DJ Ferrari expresses a fast paced, running wild and impeccable style. With Trance, Hardgroove and Neorave, she fuels the crowd, always ready to take different genre routes.

Hop on the dancefloor and let Leipzig based DJ Ferrari take you away with harddriving and groovy-bouncy horsepower beyond speed limits.

DJ Ferrari hosts @bpm_attack and is part of @vir.go_leipzig.

Indigo Plateaux

Indigo Plateaux brings a unique blend of black queer culture to the Berlin techno and house scene.

Hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey, Indigo’s sets are a celebration of liberation and self-expression, channeling the energy of queer nightlife into electrifying performances that captivate audiences and ignite dance floors.

Through their music and activism, they strive to create spaces where everyone feels seen, heard, and free to be themselves.


Røttnmeier is a DJ from Leipzig who has won over audiences with her dark, driving techno in various clubs in and outside the city in recent years.

She is a member of both the @exlepaeng_ and @proyeckt_qrach and is also a resident at the infamous @distillery_leipzig.

For her sets, it is important to her to always provide variety and surprises despite her focus on hard techno.


Sanaz will be the one to send your tastebuds on a journey to unexpected twists & turns:

The live sets of Tehran-born and Berlin-based Sanaz are an ever-pushing firework of sexy drums, euphoric melodies, and cheesy vocals, which combined might even create a new house sub-genre: Let’s call it bootylicious!

As a member of THF Community Radio @thfradio, Sanaz also hosts a monthly show.


G:ERROR [none/they] is a Leipzig-based DJ, driven by underground Hardtek and Tekno sounds. 160 +++

Mixing fun and playful trakks with hard basslines and jumping kikks. They founded the Plattform ultrakore @ultrrrrakore to represent unknown music and people – for more variety in the scene.


Sanguinica is a Berlin-based DJ and resident for Bottom Topixxx. Debuting at Tresor in 2023 and playing numerous gigs at RSO, she musically focuses on clean but intense technoid sounds whilst keeping a fast-paced driving energy and offering trippy glimpses of other electronic and psy genres within her sets.

Sanguinica creates a dance floor that is about experiencing emotions together, about being able to let go and get lost.


Danusch is a German-Palestinian DJ based in Tübingen. Whenever you’re looking for a melodic trancy techno set, you’ve found it with her.

Danusch’s fast-paced sound consists of a mix of driving groove, techno and trance. Her passion for music creates a unique atmosphere on the dance floor and keeps the crowd invested. Danusch is part of @fak_tue collective.

ACSID & Plateau Bitch

ACSID & Plateau Bitch are a queer newcomer dj duo based in Leipzig. With their driving and euphoric sound they offer you an electrifying high energy mix of trance, uplifting (hard)techno, ghetto tech, breakbeat and latinxcore.

Get ready to unleash your wild side because this power duo invites you to lovingly celebrate the beauty of diversity together.


E2NMN embarked on her journey as a DJ and producer four years ago. Shortly after she moved to Berlin, she started playing in raves and co-founded Warum nicht? Kollektiv. @warumnicht_kollektiv

In her DJ sets she presents progressive mixes that blend diverse grooves and powerful synths, always with an emotional touch that immerses you in the music, not only making you dance but evoking a profound connection.


MAR crafts soundscapes filled with sometimes hypnotic driving sound, sometimes hard-groove, sometimes bouncy grooves - but always with nuanced energy and a versatile, well curated track selection.

Despite her young age, she is already deeply rooted in the electronic music scene:
MAR is a resident DJ at, curates her own events and is regularly standing behind the decks.


Dornika is a genrefluid Iranian-American artist, activist, producer, and icon in Berlin’s vibrant underground queer scene.

Rocking fierce looks and powerful messages of resilience that shine through her art, Dornika fearlessly pushes boundaries, carving out her unique path, and empowering listeners to break free from societal norms surrounding gender, race, sex, and beauty.

Cara Elizabeth

Cara Elizabeth is a Berlin based DJ. Her style is characterized by her love for playing hard yet melodic beats. Whether it’s Neo-Rave, Hard Techno, or Trance, her sets are designed to keep the crowd on their feet and engaged.

Cara Elizabeth is part of @fhainest and resident at


Next Up: Acima. As a member of the Leipzig based Waldbrand collective he regularly pushes the crowd with a mix of fat UK sounds and rolling 90s techhouse beats.

Hands up - we‘re excited!


Adam Munnings is a Tasmanian born multidisciplinary artist working as a director, photographer and co-founder / resident DJ of @lunchboxcandy. His Dj career took off in Tokyo and he has since played in Seoul, New York, Australia and his current base Berlin.

Adam’s sound explores energetic EBM, nu-disco, bouncy techno, house and a sprinkle of trance. Adam is a proud member of the queer community and finds joy in bringing people together for sweaty dance floor euphoria.


Casimir has been producing downtempo for 8 years. His live sets deal with defining the space between melodic techno and downtempo. Sometimes dragging slow, sometimes progressive melodic. His productions are emotionally charged and usually found at sunrise or after hour. The essential signature lies in the dramaturgical emotional journey of his sets.


Coma is a band based in Dresden. It was founded in 2019 by the three musicians Yara, Stefan and Tarek. They experiment with the fusion of their different musical backgrounds and experiences, which helps Coma to create a very unique sound.

With a modern approach to traditional oriental music, mixed with elements from popular music and electronic dance music, Coma strive for a very individual style. This deep downtempo beats combined with nostalgic melodies, melancholic themes and spherical sounds, but also energetic rhythms and heavy basses.


Having danced from early childhood, music is always connected to dancing for Corey.

So Corey’s mixes are all about being danced and the people who dance in a shared space with as much variety as possible.

From bouncy house, breaking the beat to faster forward tech plays, it’s all mixed for feet, hips and beautiful souls to move.


With spherical and dark techno Crline brings emotions to the dance floors. She likes to let herself be carried by the mood of the night and prefers to act on it spontaneously and above all diversely.

As a member of the feminist collective ProZecco, she has learned not to be constricted by genre boundaries and therefore also likes to cross the dividing line between Techno and Trance and harder sounds.

Since 2021, she has been running the label Unusual Suspects @unusualsuspects.label with DJ colleague @ostbam_pl, which aims to support and emphasize the existence of smaller, localscene figures, who are working towards alternative solutions and with creative processes that have not yet been influenced by the expectations of huge labels, fans and all that comes with recognition.

Daniel Heinrich

Daniel was born and grew up in the north of Berlin in the early 90’s. His passion for techno was influenced by artists like Truncate, Coeter, Alex Bau and many other legends of the scene. He describes his style as hypnotically driving, but at the same time very powerful.

Over the years he performed in Places like Panama City, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, Vienna, Zurich, Malta and of course mainly in his hometown Berlin and other parts of germany.

Since 2020, he has been focusing on vinyl productions and founded the record label INHERIT together with his friends Disgusied, which has so far featured artists such as Hadone, Blicz, Hioll, Mørbeck, Jensen Interceptor and many more.

Since 2021, he has also been organizing events in well-known clubs in Berlin and soon in Germany and Europe.

Dexy's Midnight

Music always had a big impact in its various forms on Dexy’s Midnight. She discovered her love for fast techno already at a young age and eventually it made her move to Berlin. After enjoying the other side of the decks, she started mixing herself and joined the team of MITSU2000 last year. You can expect high paced techno, with spikes of harder sounds, yet melodic and trancy.

Dexy's Midnight

Dexy’s Midnight is a young emerging DJ based in Berlin. Beginning mixing in late 2020, she entered the Berlin based underground label MITSU2000. This supported her in becoming a recognized artist behind the decks in the club landscape.

Expect vibrant and emotional, yet hard and fast mixes with a fine ear for the special something.

DJ Bekka

Bekka, loves it to roam through Berlin’s night life since her school days. In 2021 she and some friends decided to get more involved in the party scene of Berlin and together they founded Bambule Kollektiv.

With her uplifting disco house music, she has been since behind the decks of various clubs, open airs, bars and festivals in Germany, Switzerland and Thailand.


DJ HENTAI is an up-and-coming artist within the Berlin underground scene – part of the collectives LAUT, Oxytocin, Erotic Sentimentalism and Loverdose.

He refuses to be limited by strict boundaries of genres and loves the spheres of trance, techno, house and breakbeat. For him, art is about unconventional exploration. Every mix, every performance, every piece should be a unique experience. Apart from music, he expresses his artistic passion in visual art and street art. Breaking through the prevailing confines, DJ HENTAI creates an unbelievably magical and fiery atmosphere on the dancefloor.

DJ Hyaluron

DJ Hyaluron is a stellar, promising and up-and-coming DJ from the depths of what Berlin has to offer.

In her sets she seamlessly combines bouncy techno tracks, breakbeat and electro and creates astonishing energies that effortlessly make the crowd move.

Next to performing for promoters like Synoid, DURCH and Jupiter4 she also appeared in known national clubs like ://about blank, OXI, RSO, Waschhaus Potsdam and Zoom Frankfurt and had international gigs in Switzerland and Israel.

Donna Knispel

For more than 20 years, Donna Knispel moves around widely in the electronic periphery. Her turntables rotate through dynamic soundscapes, built in clear line – from the floor to the floor

For several years, the Unkul e.V, the Symbiostic Kollektiv and Tresor (Globus) were Knipselchens homebase in Berlin. An invitation to “Pillenrealität” (congress for irrational competences, 2016-2019) at IFZ led her to move to Leipzig. The FLINTA* collective “No Show” she became part of opened up new horizons and perspectives. Other mixers and consoles also have nice buttons: sound and lighting technology in clubs have reignited her passion.


E2NMN is a young talented DJ originally from Spain. Attracted by Berlin’s music culture, she decided to move to this city to begin her musical career.

Her inspiration comes mainly from french techno and her mixes are melodic, fast and energetic. With her music she tries to express the most basic human feelings and her main goals are to connect people and make them dream.


E2NMN is a young talented artist, originally from Madrid, and co-founder of “Warum nicht? Kollektiv“.

With E2NMN, a strong and positive vibration emerges alongside with joyful, hopeful and encouraging moods, a natural extension of her personality.

Eyad & Atanaum

A wide spectrum of fast ravy sounds and hard acid techno amplifies Eyad‘s tonality. Syrian born and raised and now Berlin based, he believes in the congeniality and energy that materializes when people come together in music and wants to convey and deliver this with his sets - hard and fast for togetherness and excess.

Atanaum grew up in Berlin‘s techno madness and draws his inspiration and creativity from the vibrant scene of his hometown. His driving sound is influenced by hardstyle and trance of the 90s and finds its best expression in modern rave and hard techno music. He recently released his first track on @waxxarecords and @parallel.label.


Her take off was at CSD Parade in 2022. As a member and Resident DJ of Sublime Collective, she aims to create lovely spaces of celebration, care and community.

Combining Italo Disco and trancy tunes she captivates you with an uplifting energetic vibe that inspires you to appreciate life in festive spirits.

Frank Heise

From dry and pithy Techno beats to heart-opening Rave-sounds, from hypnotic Trance lines to disconcerting ambient tunes – Heise knows how to play his electronic claviature. Be it in the studio where he composes and produces his own tracks with analog drum machines and a modular synth system, or in the DJ booth where the notorious vinyl enthusiast shows off his most polished mixing skills. Always in sync, always devoted, always all in.


Do you sense this feeling of getting nudged slightly on your hip by driving bass? Sounds like Fred just started his set.

Instead of delivering from unified sources, fun comes first topped off with a smacking groovey attitude. Buckle up for nitty gritty sound that pushes you onto the dance floor.


Inspired by today’s drive and spirit, G:ERROR (none) positions between many different sounds. Bringing the double K to the floor on high BPM’s (160++), pumping and playful noizy. Therefore their mixingstyle varies between Hardktekk, Tekno, Tribecore, Psy and Gabber.

G:ERROR is the founder of ULTRASCHALL /// // / // - a platform for marginalised sounds and their people based in Leipzig. @ultraschall__


She cultivated her passion for electronic music in the hometown of Warsaw. After moving to Spain in 2016, she converted from a raver to a DJ the moment she started missing the harder face of music in the area she lived. Berlin, the current home-base, invited her to explore different styles and genres, to go outside of the comfort zone.

The ever-evolving music interests and love for rhythmic variety brought GOŚCIŃSKA to delve into various styles that she blends in her sets. Melting moody electro with groovy techno; breakbeat with 4x4 rhythms or smashing a techno set spiced up with acid, breaks, punk, D’n’B is what you can expect.

Crafting her performances around the concept of the event, the location and the time slot is what she pays careful attention to. High empathy and crowd connection is what makes GOŚCIŃSKA a versatile DJ full of revelations.

GOŚCIŃSKA is currently hosting a radio show on the London Aaja Music radio under the szlag project, where she invites prominent electronic music artists to show their non-club music selection they never get to play in clubs, all the while promoting promising newcomers.

Working on the program and organization of her brainchild @sfora_art is what she does when not behind the decks.


Dana aka GVEMEACD grew up in the Cologne-Bonn techno scene, where she experienced her first raves and DJ gigs. Influenced by her eclectic taste and lifestyle, she moved to Berlin.

Today she organizes her own music events and exhibitions as a member of the Berlin cultural collective [KoPf].

Dana loves to play with different styles. She has a preference for wild, driving rhythms combined with hypnotic and snappy sounds, as well as vocal and acid elements.


Hippolyte is french DJ based in Berlin who found his passion for music at an early age. He first started to play the guitar and the bass, doing concerts in Paris.

After a few years he decided to move to Berlin, started DJing and co-founded @warumnicht_kollektiv,a music collective dedicated to promoting upcoming talents.

On the decks he likes to mix genres, from hard groove to hard techno going through trance, breakbeat and much more. You can expect a dreamy, nostalgic and yet joyful vibe from his sets.


Study: Homosexuality Mystery Solved

Scientists may have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay. Doctor Newbeard and her team of experts created a mathematical model that explains how „queerness“ originates from a certain, newly discovered Chromosome Type: HOMOSOM XY. Subsequent experiments based on rhythmic high-tempo consistency schemes showed that carriers of such chromosome respond highly euphoric when exposed to certain sub-genres of electronic dance music, falling into a trance like state.

In order to find out more about this curious chromosome, Doctor Newbeard will once again perform a newly designed field experiment. With the help of sophisticated Technology the test subjects (ravers) will be acoustically stimulated with a mix of sub-genres like Euro Disco, Acid House and Detroit Techno.

Participants of this field study are highly advised to drink enough water during the experiment, to take care of fellow ravers and prepare for highly physical sensations… cause shit is about to go down


“Gaydies and Femtlemen. Thank you for choosing HOMOSOM XY for your next irrational escalation.

We live in an era of unprecedented disruption (mega scary). As a leading Schlampion of the industry (4.1 stars on Google), HOMOSOM XY recognizes your existential Angst and provides you with high quality rhythmic services, guaranteeing you effective escapism and tingling sensations in your belly button.”


JĀST started to play drums at the age of six and collected music his whole life. After moving to Berlin in 2016 the techno scene immediately captivated him to start his journey as a DJ.

His set ranges from percussive and groovy over hard and industrial to acid and rave techno. His sets blend and layer different elements of the genres to create a sound that becomes much more than the sum of its parts.

Katerinha & Njeri

They are a Berlin-based DJ duo consisting of Macedonian musician/creative producer Katerinha and Kenyan newcomer Njeri. Their sound is an energetic blend of afro house, garage, breaks, house and eclectic club sounds from the global South. The newly formed duo have a monthly residency on Refuge Worldwide and have played at several Berlin and international queer & FLINTA parties.

As well as being a booker, creative producer and curator, Katerinha (she/her) performs as a bass player, DJ, guitarist and singer. With a couple of years of building her creative network and exploring her sound, Katerinha’s songs can be described as a soulful crossover of R’n’B, jazz and pop. Her DJ sets however are a full-on club workout session with heavy percussion, bass and southern rhythms.

Njeri (she/her) is a Kenyan newcomer DJ/ fashion entrepreneur based in Berlin. Experienced raver and club music connoisseur with a weak spot for neoclassical and film score music. She’s the founder of the new event series “Mazuri” in her hometown Nairobi, one of the rare events focussing on FLINTA DJs and offering open decks to newcomer DJs in Nairobi. Her sets include Afro house, House, Garage, Drum & Bass and a determination to get you grooving.


Leyla is a Berlin-based artist with Moroccan roots and found her way into the EDM scene when she was 15 years old. With only a DDJ 400 and a big heart for underground raves, Leyla established herself in the underground rave scene since 2021.

Beyond being an advocate of warehouse and progressive techno, Leyla takes part in the body positive club scene of Berlin.


This is Leon, a light from the north, one who knows how to have fun behind the decks. Musically an eclectic mix, a true floor chamaeleon, invites the dancing crowd to a musical Ping Pong. From energetic Afrohouse to groovy breakbeats, the focus is not on genre boundaries but on the common experience.

Mareike Bautz

Berlin based DJ Mareike Bautz is known for her hard-hitting yet melodic techno sets. Her mixing is slick and dynamic; her tracklist full of bangers.

She started djing as resident at the legendary Les Parties Modestes. Later on she played at infamous clubs like Sisyphos, Wilde Renate or Griessmühle & proved her mixing skills at Fusion Melt and Feel Festival.

Materia Hache

Materia Hache is that silence that opens for constant change: it is Queer, it is Techno, it is House; it is what is born from fear, distance and uncertainty; it is all that is tried to be kept invisible while from the underground we answer with rhythms that displace us, that question us, that turn us into only one matter, for a few moments, more loudly than any given form.

From their collective @otherstothefront they fight to create a dancefloor that deserves to be danced, giving visibility and voice to the FLINTA & BIPOC community.

Melania .

Melania . hails from Poland and fuels her sets is a hunger for new sounds and surprising juxtapositions that expand beyond genre’s boundaries.

Aiming for a highly dynamic, fast-turning sound, she’s not shy of sweeping epic moments and bass mutations, confidently blending in breakbeat and drum & bass between big room heavy beats.

She’s based in Berlin, but helds a residency @projekt_lab in Poznań and is part of the Parisian crew RAW.

Melania . has performed in Europe’s major cities, but also appearing everywhere from Seoul through Beirut to New York.


The Leipzig-based DJ and producer puts out dark, energetic techno, recorded numerous podcasts and released his own releases on various labels.


MIU LING (she/her), a korean DJ based in Freiburg, Germany, loves to play dark, groovy, hypnotic hard techno. Leading the crowd from dystopian atmosphere to kitschy closing with all its ups and downs.

After kicking off at the Nation of Gondwana Festival near Berlin, she has played at various events in Switzerland and Germany.


I’m Núria, based in Berlin. I’ve been living in Berlin for the past 6 years. Since a very young age I have had an artistic side and a love and passion for music. After I discovered the underground club’s scene in Berlin, in an instant, I’ve found myself at the peak, on stage, pursuing my career as a Techno DJ. I’m most confident when I’m behind the decks and it’s my passion to let the ravers riot the dance floor, which makes me feel as if I am setting the place on fire.

I’ve accomplished spreading my sound through various events and clubs in Berlin. I have performed at Kitkat Club Berlin, Sisyphos Club , Anomalie Art Club, Ritter Butzke, Mensch Meier, Humboldthain Club, Birgit Club, and many more. I’m currently a resident at RaveforGood collective and Fhainest collective.

As well as, Symbiotikka event and The Piep Show event at Kitkat Club. If you like to dance and blow off some steam, then come and party with me.



Ostbam started DJing thanks to a workshop in 2015, shortly after she moved from Poland to Dresden. Growing up in Gdańsk had a huge influence on her current style,  which is a mixture of industrial, acid and hard techno, often varied with oldschool hardcore, gabber or even happy hardcore.

Shortly after the workshop, Ostbam and few other people have started @prozecco_ - a feminist DJ collective focusing on workshops and supporting young and unknown FINTA* DJs in Saxony.

Around 2017 she moved to Leipzig and slowly established her style while performing in various clubs across Germany (f.i. ://about blank, Institut fuer  Zukunft, objekt klein a, Mensch Meier).

Due to pandemic she has focused more on exploring different genres and perceptions of music by launching her and Crline’s label called @unusualsuspects.label, and highlighting harsher music styles such as breakcore or even black metal on her bi-monthly radio show called CROSSING BORDERS on hallo:radio.


PEGAH is a German-Iranian, Producer, Dj and Label Owner (Ort & Zeit) based in Munich and Berlin. Born in Iran and emigrated to Germany in 2013, she started her music journey in 2020.

PEGAH merges emotional melodies with house and techno beats which builds sonic bridges between her place of birth and the here and now. Her sound will take you on an inspiring journey.


REZA is a DJ newcomer from Halle. She is a part of the techno collective @wachsalon and member of @connectrumhalle .

For a long time REZA was surrounded by people mixing techno sound. This inspired her a little over a year ago to actually make herself and share the music she celebrates instead of only dancing to it. REZA plays fast and hard techno.


Røttnmeier is a Leipzig based DJ, who started her journey in 2016. She is part of @exlepaeng_ collective and resident DJ at the @distillery_leipzig.

Røttnmeier evolved her sound to become driving and dark Techno. Her sets are heavily influenced by the energy from the crowd and create an atmosphere that invites everyone to feel free, to let go!


From groovy to speedy —
that’s s-ray’s motto.
Originated from house music, she combines today styles such as Hard Groove, Trance and Eurodance.

s-ray’s sound is all about high energy, happy vibes, and a pinch of pop.


Wild raves serve as inspiration for Schicktanz to play and produce music. In the madness there is a connection between the dancers that inspires and drives you.

Besides playing and producing, organizing his own events allows him to share his vision of the untamed rave that frees you up and pushes you to go beyond your limits. The event series Raveletics was created for that purpose.

He is also part of the label and collective CUMULONIMBUS.


subutex stands for fast paced techno, acoustic excitement and rave as a mutual expression of freedom.

He is always in search for extraordinary sonic textures and polyrhythmic grooves.

subutex blends different percussive layers together to create a complex yet impulsive signature sound.

Trancemaster Krause

Trancy aka Trancemaster Krause is an upcoming artists straight outta east Germany (Halle) & gets you in a mood you never thought you needed it.

His thriving energy and fast pace are electrifying and uplift the dance floor to an experience of another kind.

“Fastpaced Pop Edits, Super Viby Trance, Oldschool Hard House & Hard Trance is the key to a piece of luck!” ~ Trancy


In 2020 under_pleasure was born out of of friendship and passion for electronic bass&tech&freight train house music.

After hard times of sleepless nights, nonstop cuddling, dealing with outburst of fury and insecurity we proudly raised a confident cool kid which invites everybody to circle their hips and to connect with their inner mackers.

under_pleasure tears down the wall between underground pop and clandestine mainstream, boosts your ego, clashes your self-pity and gives space for pleasure without pressure!

Vivi Wahnsinn

Fasten your seatbelts, here comes Vivi Wahnsinn - the name says it all:

Between juicy booty Tech House and autonomous center badass-boss-b*tch demolition - Get ready to (t)werk!

Lets get down to the flooor!

Vivi Wahnsinn

Vivi Wahnsinn was dragged to the dancefloor unintentionally but found herself disappointed as none of the performing artists quite matched her taste at full scale. So without thinking twice, she threw herself into the art of djing to develop her very own style and to please fellow dancers.

By creating her distinct approach to house music, she was soon booked to various events at Odonien in her hometown Cologne, Nachtigall or Kit Kat in Berlin, just to name a few.

Her style is best described as dirty, bouncy Tech House laced with catchy vocal edits. Playing a wide range from minimalistic house to absolute G House bangers, she is always able to hold the energy on a very high level in a little bit trashy, little bit nasty way. Same as lemons being sour-sweet but you can’t get enough of it.

If you cannot find her behind the decks on her own, she is probably heating things up as a part of @latzundleder.


Driving, hard beats interwoven with trancy melodies - her tracks are catchy as well as unconventional.

In Xynia’s DJ sets she creates a pulsating union of early Hardstyle classics and modern productions. An invitation to forget yourself in the moment, to follow the stomp of your feet. Without compromise, she takes dancers on a journey.

With performances across Europe, including @possessiontechno and @themeaningofrave, she has long ceased to be an insider tip.


Zoanthropiia (she/her) born and raised in Donetsk (Ukraine) and once again raised in Berlin. She started discovering electronic music in Berlin when she moved to germany in 2013.

She started by mixing funky & afro house and continued with various genres of techno, including melodic, rave and trance.

Today, her sound comprises of driving baseline and punchy beat companied by space melody that is grooving on off-beat percussion.