An artist's picture showing HOMOSOM XY. An artist's picture showing HOMOSOM XY.

Study: Homosexuality Mystery Solved

Scientists may have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay. Doctor Newbeard and her team of experts created a mathematical model that explains how „queerness“ originates from a certain, newly discovered Chromosome Type: HOMOSOM XY. Subsequent experiments based on rhythmic high-tempo consistency schemes showed that carriers of such chromosome respond highly euphoric when exposed to certain sub-genres of electronic dance music, falling into a trance like state.

In order to find out more about this curious chromosome, Doctor Newbeard will once again perform a newly designed field experiment. With the help of sophisticated Technology the test subjects (ravers) will be acoustically stimulated with a mix of sub-genres like Euro Disco, Acid House and Detroit Techno.

Participants of this field study are highly advised to drink enough water during the experiment, to take care of fellow ravers and prepare for highly physical sensations… cause shit is about to go down