Community Guidelines
1. Hospitality

In a heartfelt tapestry of emotions, memories, and beginnings, BLADE embraces creativity through empathetic  dialogues in a safer space where we can express ourselves joyfully and embark on a collective journey towards healing.

2. Collective grounds

BLADE positions itself as feminist, queer-friendly, and against racism, sexism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, ableism, fatphobia, classism, elitism, and any other forms of group-based misanthropy. We try to make the unconscious conscious by reflecting on our privileges and advocating for a space, where our FLINTA* and QTBIPoC community feels seen and respected.

3. Multiplicity & inspiration

BLADE is a celebration: people come together, make music, dance together, and stand in solidarity with and support each other in the conflicts of our time. We find inspiration by honoring the multiplicities of our existences and spirits. Together we craft a sanctuary of trust and compassion in transcending the echoes of suppression into resilience for freedom.

4. Non commercial space

BLADE is a non commercial space that exists and evolves through the collective participation of all: through your music, your dance, your forms of expression, your joy and grief, your knowledge, euphoria, love and pain, your awareness and empathy.

5. Care & Community

We practice empathy together – on and off the dance floor – to counter sequences of violence and patriarchy that produce hierarchies of pain. How can we establish a space to care for each other in these troubling times that affect us so differently? It is about care and community in a space through which we practice listening to each other, forge more solidarity in each other, learn and unlearn, and grow together.

6. Team

BLADE is shaped by different backgrounds and lives through collective work. Our team operates fully unpaid and wholeheartedly, to curate and produce BLADE 2024. Become a part of the BLADE community and contact us at support (at)