Community Guidelines

1. Creativity & Dialogue

Blade stands for creativity and dialogue in a space as safe as possible where we can express ourselves joyfully and transform collectively.

2. Familiar atmosphere

We are against all forms of discrimination, consciously reflect on our privileges, and fight for peace in a space, where our feminist QTBIPOC community feels respected and safe. Blade grows through connections, that urge to create collectively by empathy for an intimate and familiar space, where the beats beat and the bodies rave.

3. Encounter & Inspiration

We come together with different backgrounds to meet each other peacefully, and feel inspired by our encounters.

4. Uncommercial space

Blade is a non-commercial space that persists and grows through your donations and the communal participation of all: Through your music, dance, joy, and your forms of expression, knowledge, ecstasy, love and awareness.

5. Care & Community

Blade is a celebration: People come together, make music, dance together, stand in solidarity with and support each other in the conflicts of our time. It is about care and community in a diverse space through which we listen to each other, forge more empathy in each other, learn and unlearn, and grow together.

6. Team

Blade lives through collective work. Our team operates fully unpaid and wholeheartedly, to curate and produce Blade 2023. Become a part of the Blade community and contact us at support (at)