Zinnia Nomura

Zinnia Nomura is a Berlin-based dancer, choreographer, and circus artist. Machine (Un)learning is an interactive piece in which the audience uses an interface to send commands to the dancer.

Complete interactivity means that the audience determines the sequence and choreography of the dancer’s movements. This participative work raises questions about manipulation, power dynamics and our relationship to technology.

Elie Love

Elie Love is a musician, producer, and fairy seducing you with pastoral ambient and indie pop hits.

Born and raised in Panama, she draws from memories of the jungle that are “colorful, ancient, and very queer”.

When she is not casting spells on stage, she can be found hosting the monthly emerging musician series @queerbedroompop at @tipsy_bear_berlin.

Her new EP ‘Heavens No’ drops June 5, with irresistible visions of the future of independent music.


LIADLAND is a musician, an artist, a perpetual migrant, a queer trash diva, and a master of the margins.

Her debut album ‚Nothing to Declare‘ is a reference to her lifetime of being a political activist with a big mouth, and a signifier of crossing borders between nations, identities, worlds, and trying to contain them all within oneself.

Coco Klein

Coco Klein (he/they/she) is a Berlin-based artist, activist and entertainer.

With drag as their focus for the past decade, Coco believes that visibly queer art is more important in communities that don’t often get to experience it.

Coco has brought the magic of drag to the stages of some of the top music festivals around the world and is delighted to be joining the lineup at Blade this year!


Widerklang is a Berlin based choir which supports grassroot struggles and actions.

This includes anarchist, communist, queer-feminist, ecological, anti-racist, anti-fascist and decolonial movements.

We are a self-organized group. Our music is destined to empower us and people of the radical left.


Dornika is a genrefluid Iranian-American artist, activist, producer, and icon in Berlin’s vibrant underground queer scene.

Rocking fierce looks and powerful messages of resilience that shine through her art, Dornika fearlessly pushes boundaries, carving out her unique path, and empowering listeners to break free from societal norms surrounding gender, race, sex, and beauty.